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Grapple Guy is a game with true physics-based swinging mechanics: you aim where you want to swing from.
Set in a shiny futuristic floating city, swing through the clouds and fight against a rebellion threatening to put an end to this idyllic civilization.

The game itself is in active development, so to stay up-to-date with all things Grapple Guy, make sure to follow the official Grapple Guy Twitter account (@GrapGuyOfficial)

only a few test maps are available to showcase the mechanics, the story is still being developed.


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Hey dude, it is me the guy who commented "We totally need a "makes you FEEL like Spider-man" genre..." on Mark Brown's siper-man video.

Just wanted to say your game looks awesome and ofer some feedback that I can tell for by the video(I can't download the game where I'm now).

-The Swing looks great and fun.

-The costume and fighting style are still a little too much like Spider-man...Maybe something more shinny in his costume and graple based regular combos can fix that?

-Story wise, something Spider-man's PS4 where the most of the story was done by phone and the player can talk while swinging is the best thing I can think of for a game like this.

-Something like Mario odyssy ballon mode where the players can creat their challenges for other players(I know it is a lot more extra work, but it is something that not even the PS4 Spider-man have)

-The song in the video is quite nice.

Anyway I whish you good luck and I will keep an eye on the game...Also if would like to share the story of this started as a Spider-man game and if you learned anything interesting with Mark's video that would be nice.

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Heya, thanks for the feedback man I'll keep that all in mind!
the song in the video is 'Cover it up' by Kasger if you were curious :)
there isn't much to the story of how this started as a Spiderman game, I'd always wanted a Spiderman game that made you actually aim your webs so I decided to make it myself lmao.
as for how it stopped being a Spiderman game and started being Grapple Guy, that's all here in the other devblogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMGY_9NpMKBZp_7SqVzcKnlFxTB6qIc2P

Your are welcome dude...It is interesting seeing how everything came to be.

And BTW I've showed the video of your game to Mark Brown and he said "looks interesting!"...so I think you are in the right path.

That's awesome!

Can you create a mac version of this game?

At the moment, no sorry.
Possibly in the future but I'd have to look into finding a reliable way to test new builds for mac.

I can help you test them. I've worked as a QA for game creators in the past.